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Safety First: 5 Tips to Remain Safe at Your Meet-ups

Meeting up with people face-to-face is expected, whether for work, socializing with friends, or connecting through social media. Regardless of the reason for the gathering, prioritizing your safety is crucial. We will explore five (5) essential tips to ensure you feel secure during your meet-ups.

5 Safety tips for your next meet-up

These tips will help you enjoy your time without the added worry about your safety

1. Choose your meet-up wisely

When it comes to attending events, being selective is essential. Before committing to any gathering, take the necessary time to go over the organizers, venue details, and agenda. Ensure the authenticity of the meet-up by checking for positive experiences from previous attendees. For events organized on Explord, please go into the profiles of the organizers and other participants to know their credibility and trustworthiness.

2. Share plans and your locations with trusted people

Before going for a meet-up, keeping someone in the know is essential. Let a friend or family member know about your plans, providing details such as the event location, arrival time, and expected duration of stay. Sharing the contact information of the organizers or fellow attendees adds an extra layer of precaution.

Leverage the capabilities of your smartphone by using location-sharing features. This ensures that your trusted contacts know your real-time whereabouts during the event. In the event of any unexpected circumstances, having your location shared will enable your trusted contacts to provide timely assistance, enhancing your overall safety and peace of mind.

3. Travel safely to and from the meet-up

Ensuring your safety extends beyond the confines of the meet-up itself, it’s equally important to consider your journey to and from the event. A vital aspect of this is planning your trip. Opt for well-lit and populated routes, mainly if you rely on public transportation or rideshare services.

For those behind the wheel, parking in well-lit areas near the meet-up spot is a strategic move to enhance safety. If you’re using a rideshare app, use features and inform your friends or family about the details of your trip. This additional layer of protection ensures that someone you trust is informed about your travel plans, providing reassurance throughout your commute. These precautions contribute to a safer overall meet-up experience, whether by public transport or personal vehicle.

4. Keep an eye on your belongings

While engaging in conversations and activities during meet-ups, losing track of personal belongings is effortless. However, it’s crucial to remain vigilant. Keep your belongings close and within sight, opting for a small bag or wallet that provides extra protection for your credit cards and ID.

Be cautious in crowded areas where pickpockets might operate for more significant events. Refrain from leaving your belongings unattended; when possible, utilize secure storage options provided by the venue. Staying aware of your surroundings significantly decreases the likelihood of someone taking your belongings, allowing you to enjoy the meet-up with peace of mind.

5. Trust your instincts and set limits

Your instincts serve as powerful allies in ensuring your safety during meet-ups. Do not hesitate to leave if something feels off or uncompressed, marble or precarity. Trusting your feelings and prioritizing your well-being are essential to a secure meet-up experience. Prioritize meet-ups held in public places or well-known locations to minimize potential risks. Your safety is critical, and making thoughtful choices about the events you attend is the first step toward a secure and enjoyable social experience.

Communicate your boundaries clearly with others, making it known what you are comfortable with and not. Saying no to sharing personal information or participating in activities that make you uneasy is acceptable and encouraged. Respect the limits of others and be assertive in maintaining your own. When you feel in danger, seek help promptly from event organizers, security personnel, or law enforcement. Your instincts and limits are valid, and asserting them ensures everyone involved a safer and more enjoyable meet-up.

Practical checklists for safe meet-ups

We have created a checklist for safe travel to and from meet-ups, restating the importance of planning and awareness:

  1. Choose well-lit and populated routes.
  2. Take pictures with whom you are meeting up with and share them with your family and friends.
  3. Avoid sharing personal information during your commute.
  4. Secure parking in well-lit areas if driving.
  5. Use ride-sharing apps with trip-sharing features.
  6. Be mindful of your alcohol consumption.
  7. If there’s a commotion or a fight in a crowd, stay calm and quickly move away. Avoid being in groups where people are too drunk. If you see someone who’s had too much to drink, don’t hesitate to tell a security or police officer.


While meet-ups offer incredible opportunities for connection and enjoyment, prioritizing your safety should always take center stage. By holding onto these five fundamental tips: choosing your events wisely, sharing your plans with trusted individuals, traveling safely, keeping an eye on your belongings, and trusting your instincts, you can partake in meet-ups with a sense of confidence and security.

It’s crucial to remember that being safe enhances the enjoyment of your social experiences and ensures that your time spent with others is worry-free. So, whether you’re networking at a business event, catching up with friends, or attending a social gathering organized online, incorporating these simple yet effective safety measures into your routine can significantly contribute to a more secure and pleasant meet-up experience. Stay safe, stay vigilant, and continue to build meaningful connections through your social interactions.